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lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

100 newsletters

On June, 3rd, 2013, the first issue of the newsletter that you can read today on your tablet’s screen was released; thus, materializing the "first public action of the Industrial Cybersecurity Center" –established only two months earlier, as underlined our fellow Samuel Linares, Nacho Paredes and Jose Valiente, founders of the Centre, in their "Introduction" which headed that initial number.

It rained somewhat since then, particularly in recent months, as promptly we've been reporting. However, despite changes, it has been the wish of those who now accompany Jose in front of the Center, maintaining fidelity to the editorial line that faultlessly adopted for just over a year and a half our friend Nacho, former weekly’s editor.

Fidelity which, in our view, has not prevented incorporating small "improvements" in the Center’s editorial discourse, as the ongoing, since recent months, reference to the Board of Directors’ role on Industrial Cybersecurity oversight, the consolidation of subsection "CCI Library" within the newsletter’s "Documents" section, or other; all of them transferred to our other channels, as Twitter (@info_CCI), or the new ICS, IndustrialCyber Security (by @info_CCI) magazine, which different editions  -web, Android and iOS-  have started gathering your attention.

Attention that is but a reflection of what the “Newsletter”, which number of subscribers now exceeds seven hundred, has been increasingly winning for 100 weeks. Evidence, in turn, of the strength of "The CCI Ecosystem"!

Such support and, no doubt, that of our sponsors, both current and past, is what has given us the boost to get here. Naturally, we thank you all.

And what better way to thank than presenting this special issue, for which we have adopted a logo according to the occasion; and for which we have revisited what has been published so far, to select those contents that have aroused the most interest among you. We bring them to you, again, in the "News" section and we wish you find them an as enjoyable reading as the first time.

We are also announcing today the launch of CCI’s new report "Stateof the Industrial Cyber Security in Spain. Edition 2015 (Spanish)" and we are providing you with the traditional sections “Documents”, “Events” and “Thoughts”.

Enjoy reading, at least as much as we enjoy bringing the “Newsletter” to you every week! And, by the way, I urge you to other one hundred weeks.

Miguel García-Menéndez, Editor

You can access "Newsletter, no. 100" here.

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