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lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

Complaints, the fifth element and origin of cyber incidents

Cyber security has started to crash … (particularly courts). The recent cyber attack campaigns  -substantial, both in number of reached targets and users affected-  have brought, to the corporate world, the disclosure of millions of data records of millions of customers. The sudden consequence has been the rise in demands, before courts, to the involved organizations. It has meant, above any other cause, the most effective wake-up call to boards of directors and their inhabitants.

The tough lessons that companies have been forced to learn in the past two years are coming to administrations, too. States and governments are showing now their acting skills on a new stage  -cyberspace-,  which technical feasibility could be threatened by the political coordinating structure to be imposed in the next few years. Vinton Cerf, Internet pioneer and main contributor, has warned recently against the perils of a hypothetical fragmentation of the Net.

In the absence of these risks materialize, today dangers are other: the element cyberspace brings a new context  -the fifth after earth, sea, air and space-  to confrontation. An asymmetric confrontation that is being performed on the only battleground where one-man armies fit. A circumstance that does not reduce their capability to put into risk any activity that reached the minimum degree of technological dependency. British railways, currently under digitization, are a great example. Future digitized Industry (4.0) will be even a better one.

Regarding cyber risks and the way they should be faced, The Boston Consulting Group give us its perspective. Nonetheless, it is convenient to claim that only 1 out of 3 cyber incidents come from a [cyber] attack. The remaining two thirds being due to user negligence (intentional or not) or information [respectively, operational] systems malfunction. They know it well at TARGET!

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