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lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015

Fears, phantoms and secure design

Without solid [corporate] governance, the Industrial Internet will be doomed from the beginning”. We cannot agree more with this statement by The Langner Group, to whom nobody could label as theoretical  -remember Mr. Langer's active role in analyzing and disseminating the Stuxnet case-.  Because of that we are bringing it to you, today, within our weekly newsletter’s “Thoughts” section. Moreover, we would extend such statement, not only to the Industrial Internet, but to everything that relates to the guidance and control over the use of “all digital things” (computing, communications, …) within industrial operation and production.

Nonetheless, the clarity with which some of us see it contrasts with the usual perception of those who should see themselves as involved in first person: corporate directors within the Industrial Sector, who are actually accountable for whatever happens within their companies; particularly regarding operation/production and related technology. The reason for that could be found in those individuals’ lack of knowledge on technology itself; or, more exactly, in their fear to such lack of knowledge (fear to the unknown). Fear that could be mitigated by mean of the appropriate doses of communication and pedagogy.

But there are other “phantoms” that awe companies, too; those related to “what people say", with the deterioration of the brand, etc., after the realization of a cyber-attack.

However industrial organizations should be careful not only with cyber-attacks, as we remember periodically from this section. Unfortunately, a software configuration fault, not an attacker, seems to have been behind the A400M fatal crash occurred a few weeks ago in Seville (Spain). And some other type of computer problem has collapsed railways in Catalonia (Spain) just a few days ago. Remember that secure design, both hardware and software, can keep industrial operators and consumers away from troubles like these.

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