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lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

Priorities, lessons learned and due guidance

While those in charge of industrial production sites still keep focusing on their traditional concerns related to costs, premises obsolescence and, of course, production data itself, the bad guys  -and, probably, girls-  within “cyber” keep showing their skills and capabilities for aggression. Turkish industry leaders, authorities and citizens have recently learned it. The strike, coming from Iran  -the new and growing Western hemisphere (and surroundings) cyber threat-,  arrived on March, 31st, in the form of a nationwide outage that shock them all (computers, lifts, traffic lights, airports, hospitals, …, everything) for twelve hours. Because of these and other issues, our friends from HASEN  -the Istanbul (Turkey)-based reference think tank in the Caspian region-  have started issuing recommendations on that subject.

Luckier they were at Chattanooga (TN, USA), where EPB’s “smart” power grid automatically restored in seconds, after being hit by a summer storm in 2012. Remember that not all cyber incidents come from hacking! Therefore, do manage your Operational Technology firmly and effectively. Failure in meeting such premise will doom inevitably your Industry 4.0 (and above).

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