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lunes, 11 de mayo de 2015

Psycho-sociological factors, generational shift and new cyber threats

Technology alone does not deliver us from evil; but it helps. Convinced of it, today we are bringing to you the first edition of the CCI’s catalogue of Industrial Cyber security solutions and services, within which you will find a complete offering by the main vendors present at “The CCI Ecosystem”.

Giving trust only to technology factors means to obviate the socio-technical nature of Technology itself and of its related risks. A recent meeting CCI was attending in Brussels (Belgium) served to evidence the interest that psycho-sociological factors raised among cyber professionals  -at least, among attendants to that meeting, a number of them sociologists-.  Even cinematographic fiction realizes it! Considering the human component will be key as part of its cyber preparedness process to every organization. Therefore, it is admirable to see a fistful of Atlanta (GA, USA)-based executives taking part in a cyber exercise session.

Though, when it comes to improving executives awareness, there would be no better occasion to do it than during their education (at least, as the effect of generational shift, of which some of us are firmly convinced, does not yield its fruit). Business schools have been for long time the place where future business leaders’ accountability on technology matters has been more clearly posed. The immediateness of cyber threats to the corporate world makes such academic initiatives, now more than ever, highly convenient.

But not only is the corporate world being affected. Forecasts for 2015 pointed out Healthcare industry as the new niche of interest for cyber criminals: the growing value of data within medical records as well as the development of the Healthcare Internet of Things  -i.e., surgeon robots and other medical equipment-  are contributing greatly to it. HASEN keeps insisting us on some country-backed threats as the ones from cyber-strengthened Iran. And, finally, algorithmic cyber attacks are coming to join this new threat stream.

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