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martes, 16 de junio de 2015

Chinese Spies are retiring: Spanish Waste & Drinking Water services don't need them

Industrial Control engineers do their work for them

Critical Infrastructure protection law is being deploying in Spain and new essential sectors will be covered this year. One of those sectors is Waste & Drinking Water Management and I have been studying that sector in depth for a while.

My first findings are amazing and I will talk about them in my next posts.

This week I will show you how things have changed with social networks in these last years. Nowadays, everyone seems to find for celebrity through social network presence: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other platform that let you show to the entire world how cool you are. (By the way, you could think this is what I am doing, but this is just Cyber Work).

Making some Internet spidering on Waste water plants around Spain I have found some "funny" staff.

In one SCADA control engineer personal blog I have found his complete CV describing all the projects he has been working in through his career. This is not bad by itself but when deep description on SCADA plant systems is present, it is getting worse....

Information you can find there is:

· Plant Name, location and FAT date

· Automation elements description:

· SCADA application redundant systems (Schneider Electric Monitor Pro)

· 3 Telemecanique Unity devices (MODICOM PLCs)

· Other PLC to control engines

· Ethernet interconnection between them and a Modbus Gateway

· Interconnection Diagram

· Advantsys I/O modules

Sure you can find many plants worse documented than this!!!!

This kind of information can be also found in Public Water Companies tender documents, and that is not good as well.
Awareness is something we have to improve in the next months if we want to get a better Security Level in our critical infrastructure.

In the meantime, no Chinese spies required......

Enrique Martín García (Telvent Global Services)

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