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lunes, 22 de junio de 2015

Industry 4 – Duqu 2 (and other confrontations)

As hackers in Intel Security’s “Harpooning Executives” (CCI’s Newsletter, no. 105) do it, we are also keeping our viewpoint on executives. Past week we did it in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) at APD (Spanish Management Progress Association)’s Summit which joined together more than one hundred executives. In our speech, entitled “Executive 4.0: owners and managers before the cyber challenge”, we urged business leaders to include in their agendas, and as part of their accountabilities, the fact of being in charge of both the definition of their organizations’ digital strategy  -the event’s main topic was the promise digitization is bringing to the industrial environment; i.e. the promise of what has been called “Industry 4.0”-,  and their cyber protection.

In parallel, mutual accusations among Governments and companies are kept: the latter  -specially those providing solutions & services-  are being urged, by public agencies, to improve their cybersecurity strategies; and, at the same time, Governments are being said, by the private sector, to be not very proactive.

As this war of words continues, utilities keep starring a variety of cyber incidents; a trend that, as we remember in today’s issue, started several decades ago. In the particular case of the water sector, we note the perils of negligent disclosure of information by those who have been part of any water facilities’ commissioning or maintenance. These are the same professionals that, as other sources state, are best candidates to become risk analysts in the industrial arena, given their knowledge of such sector.

Finally, and regarding historic references, we are seeing these days the revival of an old “friend”, Duqu, which in its second re-encarnation has challenged even Kaspersky Labs, affecting its own infrastructures.

And, by the way, let me give you one last advice: Do not misunderstand Industrial Internet and take advantage of all the potential that additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, cyber physical systems, augmented reallity, cloud computing and big data analytics are offering you!

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