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lunes, 1 de junio de 2015

Percentages, time limits and cyber enablers

Increasingly, at least in some geographies  -it would be nice to be able to say that yours and mine are among them-  cybersecurity is entering the Board of Directors’ agenda. A recent study by NYSE raised to 80 the percentage of organizations that have discussed this problem at BoD-level at least once. 10% of them after suffering an incident! With such cyber incidents grabbing more and more headlines  -some people already consider 2015 as the year of cybercrime-  it is reasonable to think that that figure will increase. Heather Pemberton Levy, former Vice President at Gartner, points in this direction when she states that “by 2020, [cyber]security will no longer be a technology problem, it will be a business one”. Therefore, my dear directors, you still have a time limit of five years, at most, to catch up on Cybersecurity! Naturally, always that reality did not accelerate your plans, as we recommend. (Remember the 10% I have just quoted).

Within the Industry sector in particular, motivations for cyberattacks are many, their effects vary (and are dangerous) and enablers are, even, larger: the vast amount of data that the Internet provides gives a level of knowledge on individuals and their companies that nobody thought of before (specially, the affected parties); the number of industrial control devices connected to the Internet or to corporate networks has tripled in the last year; and, finally, attack vectors, old and new, are still out there (and have been for a while), despite vendors’ efforts to face them.

"What more could you ask for?", someone might say.

And what better topic for discussion than this!, we say. A discussion that CCI will be promoting among the membership of "The CCI Ecosystem" present at the “4th International Congress on Industrial Cybersecurity” to be held this week in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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