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lunes, 8 de junio de 2015

Victims, kidnappings & wind turbines

Seven days ago, I ended this note with a reference to our 4th Congress. Today what is already over is said event that, it seems, has been to the liking of attendees, speakers and sponsors. Their satisfaction fuels ours.

Still victims of jet lag, we are resuming normal activity, stressing the need to reach organizations, and those who guide, direct and control them, with the timely messages about their role and necessary engagement in [cyber] protection. Recipes as the ones we are bringing you today will contribute to your educational role.

But as directors and officers are victims of ignorance, other employees are of carelessness, negligence or scam. This latter supports the fashion offender: "ransomware", that extorts companies and individuals, without distinction, in a sort of crime democratization. A democratization that also reaches the offender’s side through the provision of increasingly simple tools that really popularized the ability to commit crimes. They almost invite to it, it seems! Especially, considering the success that seem to be giving information kidnappings. Although these are not the only profitable "jobs": fruitful activity of card data theft  -remember TARGET-  remains in top form, currently focused on the hospitality sector.

In the strictly industrial, certain wind turbines have been the latest computerized devices indentified vulnerable.

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