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lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Perimeters, surprises and barriers

Today we are adding another classical issue to our usual reference to the role of boards of directors, and of their inhabitants, regarding cybersecurity [industrial or whatever]: I mean the eternal debate  -it has been discussed previously in this “Newsletter”-  about the perimeter of such cybersecurity and that of its sister  -older and wider-,  Information Security. In fact, our friend Jose Valiente leaves it clear: Take care of what you say when you are discussing on critical topics at a public venue (this, of course, includes the Internet)!

If seeing your information leaked (or altered) through Cyberspace is a matter of your occupation/pre-occupation, think of the following physical space situations: somebody eavesdropping your conversation during your next work lunch; a microphone unexpectedly opened at your next speech; or an unfortunate photograph of you leaving your taxi to your next meeting and carrying a folder showing sensible information on the cover. The corollary to Jose’s musing could be our overall need for awareness. Let us hope that initiatives like that of INCIBE and OAS will help to fill the gap.

Meanwhile, Mr. Schneier recalls, cyber sabotage of every stuff we connect to the Internet  -this time drug pumps-  only surprises those not paying the right attention. Probably in the origin of such weakness  -it seems to me a generalized one-  we can find the application of Internet-related technologies: languages like HTML5 or computing models like those based on the cloud, could make pretty good examples.

Last but not least, Mr. Robert M. Lee, who will be presenting next October at CCI’s “5th International Congress on Industrial Cybersecurity” deals with a complementary topic: not just the lack of awareness, but the lack of (or the difficulties to) collaboration. A collaboration that, as Mr. Lee suggests, could materialize through information sharing.

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