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lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

We, You & They

They [directors] are convinced of their sound understanding of all that has to do with cyber risks. You [reader] think that if that were actually true, spear phishing would be less effective than it really is. We [the undersigner] know that risk awareness and risk savvy is not the same thing. Therefore, we insist on the opportunity cyber professionals [you] have to end our directors and executives’ [their] cyber illiteracy.

If our musing makes sense in general, much more insistence is deserved in the case of industrial organizations. In fact, sectors like manufacturing, energy or transportation, to name a few, play a critical role in building our Society, as pillars of our ordinary life’s wellbeing.

But D&O are not the only targets: peril spreads among all of us, distributed, shared. Samuel Linares, CCI’s co-founder, underlines this idea remembering the socio-technical nature of all things “cyber”. In the same line, our colleague Enrique Martín analyzes the relevance that perceptions have above tools  -i.e.; technology-  themselves when it comes to protecting crucial operational systems.

Systems that attract the bad guys, both in traditional targeted sectors  -i.e., energy-  and in new ones: blue oceans like healthcare (considered top target this year) or law practice, that we featured today.

Finally we bring the name of Hacking Team, a recent case in which cyber-snoopers were cyber-snooped. An interesting workbench for forensic analysts.

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