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lunes, 14 de septiembre de 2015

Generational shift, strategy & other challenges

If you are not a member of your company’s BoD  -be sincere, you are nothing but a technician!-  and, therefore, you think that all the time we spend, every week, talking about Boards and directors is not your business (nor should be this tribune’s one), let me say a couple of things: first, you are wrong; second, today we are bringing you  -again, we have done it in the past, too-  the evidence of such an error: the Parsons-Vautrinot case, or how a technician can reach the BoD.

Firms are trying to provide their Boards with the necessary cybersecurity skills. They have two options for that: a) to trust the slow process of generational shift  -some day, cyber-natives will become directors-;  and b), appoint already skilled professionals to the Board  -for instance, pros like you-.

For the smartest economies, such BoD’s “cyber-ization” is an unquestionable trend. For others  -Spain has just expanded critical infrastructures protection plans to the Transportation & Water sectors-  all things “cyber” still receive a tactic/operative focus (Ministry of the Interior), instead of one strategic/corporate (Spain’s Stock Exchange Commission).

But let’s get your supposedly future role as director back. In such a circumstance, you will be in the position to help your company in understanding which challenges are their manufacturing plants facing, regarding the protection of their data transmission networks. Some of such challenges will be due to the expansion of automatic information sharing between machines (M2M) towards what we know as Industrial Internet of Things; and they should be faced with the right measures and tools (software and, presumably, others).

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