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lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

Hospitals, talent & protocols

Enterprise cyber security is already an inescapable challenge. Expanding the focus, one could say that “all things cyber”, in general,  -someone will prefer “all things digital”-  is what conforms the real challenge. A challenge that, more and more, is being assumed  -most of the times, forcefully-  by those who are leading the organization.

A couple of weeks ago, we mentioned Noel Biderman, head of Ashley Madison, who resigned after the cyber incidents his agency suffered this summer. Today, names are other: Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has just lost its CEO, Dr. Keith McNeil, and CFO, Mr. Paul James; both members of the institution’s Board. The reason, this time, has not been an attack  -remember that they are not always the reason; perils of the adoption and use of “cyber” are of a varied nature-; but an important (in millions of GBPs), bad managed, technological investment (that, supposedly, has not been well seen by taxpayers nor supervisory authorities).

Anyway, questionable managers are not the only problem that users of the healthcare system are facing. Cyber-physical threats lurk, too.

And, despite this all, awareness level keeps low. This is one of the reasons, not to say the main one, for CCI to keep pushing with its educational events and activities like the one  -“The Voice of the Industry (11th edition)”-  held last week. And it is what gives sense to initiatives like the one we, with the support of INCIBE, have just begin to advertise: a new grant program for helping cyber talent develops.

Finally, written communication is always in our inventory, too. Because of this, today we are bringing to you an interesting article  -first of a brief new series-  in which our friend Fernando Sevillano will shows us all how to improve cyber security in industrial networks.

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