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lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2015

Summer hits & social messes

Summer is over, or almost  -at least at this height (and width) of Earth-;  and, like everyone of its predecessors, it has left us some hits to remember: both, musical and of other sort.

If we think of the latter, that presumably are of primary interest for our professional audience  -my apologies, Samuel; I know that there are some good [and professional] musicians among us-,  I am convinced that you will easily recall recent summer protagonists like Aramco (2012), Snowden (2013) or, just to name someone from 2014  -then things were very fought with TARGET and SONY opening and closing the year-, Community Health Systems (August, 2014).

With such background, we could not choose other, as 2015 Summer hit, than that played by the young, and innocent, Miss Ashley Madison. Despite all the stealth given, things went as bad as in some of the above mentioned cases and, in the last days, we have been able to know that Mr. Noel Biderman  -Founder, President & CEO of that “social media”-  has follow the same way that Steinhafel (TARGET) and Pascal (SONY) had.

Maybe it comes to confirm our today’s first heading: BoDs care about cybersecurity less that they state.

Just to make your réentrée easier, let me stop my comments here; and, as usual, let me invite you to enjoy reading:
  • first, an interesting “anatomy of the infosec analyst”, by Colombian Prof. J. Cano;
  • second, a thought provoking article on the existence, or not, of the concept of “cyberwar” (the term itself is not present even in the 1000+ pages of the newly released US DoD’s “Law of War Manual” (2015 edition); and,
  • finally, some countries are catching up on industrial cybersecurity, in particular (Turkey, via our friend “think tank” HASEN); and on the industrial sector, in general (Kenya, is charging batteries with its new nuclear program for economic and social development, “Vision 2030”).

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