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lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

Winterkorn (or the day beheadings hit manufacturing)

It was on September, 23rd, and I would like to humbly tell you that it was absolutely foreseeable! Of course, I understand you; you are thinking that once the facts are known, guessing is much easier; but, let me explain myself …

Naturally, I am meaning the resigning of whom up to then was the best paid executive within the German industry, Martin Winterkorn, the man who led Volskwagen Group; and I also think about the relevance “cyber”  -an insignificant piece of software, this time-  has had in the resigning. 

The thing is that such sort of consequences had to reach an industry like manufacturing. We have already seen it lots of times before in other industries (airlines, banking, retail, entertainment, healthcare, …). So, sooner than later, a manufacturing company’s President had to see herself in this situation; particularly given the significance software is acquiring in today’s industry  -even in tomorrow’s one, that is being forged today-.

I apologize, but I have to say that we have been warning since 2004, the year we saw the first rolling head due to cyber reasons. Thereby our supposedly guessing capabilities.

Such a corporate landscape well deserves that BoDs start to adopt some measures, like the ones we are bringing to you in today’s issue.

Though, perhaps the first of such advices should be “Take Technology and your role in it seriously, dear Director!” Reality shows us, insistently, that your position depends on it [I mean on the way Technology is being used by, and within, your organization].

In the Winterkorn case we are before those who did not know how to calculate  -or who have failed in calculating-  the consequences that certain decisions on the application and use of Technology within the enterprise could yield  -some of us call this to govern Technology-.  This is particularly relevant when these activities are presumably fraudulent. Of course, another possibility, that Winterkorn has posed, is that those leading Volkswagen had no idea about the infamous software, or about its use. In that case, it would scare us even more.

Cyber risk is not always in the computer, nor in the things “cyber”. Consequently, it will be more healthy to know others miseries (problems) and to share yours. This could well be a good advice  -today’s ninth-  (one that Clinton’s Administration recommended fifteen years ago). An advice that the new AIE Ciberseguridad’s Andalusia Chapter membership does not need; they know the meaning of sharing and this has been the reason for them to join the chapter.

Last but not least, today we are bringing you a provoking musing on how much industry and, even, how much Internet, exists in the so called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

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