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lunes, 12 de octubre de 2015

Agenda issues, pedagogy and land of “fado”

Cyber security [including the industrial one] has incardinated in the corporate agenda and, unless someone prevents it, it has done it “to stay”. So it was stated by our good, New Zealander, friend, Elizabeth Valentine, during her opening key note at CCI’s “5th Int’t Industrial Cybersecurity Congress”, held in Madrid (Spain) on October, 6th & 7th. A thesis that is also supported by the increasing “cyber” budgets we have been seeing in recent times.

It makes more than appropriate any educational initiative like the one John Bryk poses in our selection of readings, today. Bryk offers a brief, excellent, plenty of enriching tables and side notes, introduction to the protection of energy infrastructures (natural gas ones, in particular).

But as Valentine’s note was not but the first of a series of talks of the greatest interest  -we will provide you with all the details very soon-  the gas sector is just one among a number which attracts our attention, too.  About the electricity one INCIBE brings us some comments today.

We finished our week in Lisbon (Portugal), talking about the need for communication and collaboration at “C-DAYS 2015”, the congress organized by the Portuguese National Cyber Security Center. If there is someone to whom a solid communication, collaboration and integration principles should apply, they are no other than IT & OT within industrial organizations. Organizations which, no doubt, will be witness, in the years to come, of the benefits of a new generation of mobile communications: i.e., 5G.

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  1. Thank you for your kind review of my article. I am glad you found it useful. More business professionals need to learn about cybersecurity - the IT professionals already know!
    John Bryk