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lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

Blah-blah-blah, fraud & rising figures

Here it is! The promised summary of CCI’s “5th Int’l Industrial Cybersecurity Congress" is brought to you with this new issue of our weekly “Newsletter”.

We are also announcing today the implementation of our industrial and/or technology “Expert Programme”. Check out who the first participants are!

Regarding ordinary news, we see, not without certain envy, how the British Institute of Directors’ members seem to have started to be aware of “cyber”  -it has not been the case, so far, of their peers at stagnant Spain’s Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores (IC-A). After the mobile operator TalkTalk scandal, British press has reported that IoD points to cyber hacking as one of their biggest concerns, urging the UK Government to implement the necessary measures to fix de problem.

A company, TalkTalk, to which Prof. Jeimy Cano’s musings and recommendations would have result of some benefit; at least, in order to prevent the fraud in which its affected customers  -more than 4M-  may presumably be seen involved.

But, for sure, TalkTalk’s will not be the last incident this year. In Spain, the National Institute of Cybersecurity has detected, so far, as many cyber attacks on critical infrastructures as the total seen in 2014. Figures are growing and it is not rare to think that the greater complexity the development of Industry 4.0 will bring, the worse the numbers.

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