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lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Questions without answers and year change

CCI’s “Newsletter” & accompanying blog ( most loyal readers know well that one of the recurring topics we feature every week is the role BoDs play regarding “cyber”. Therefore, let me insist once again on such governing bodies’ accountability for the identification and valuation of the risks their organizations are facing. [Particularly, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cyber risk].

Nonetheless, performing such accountability will require compliance with a starting premise: to provide directors with the tools that let them understand what those risks are?, and how can they be generated? Raytheon’s report, “2015 Global Megatrends in Cybersecurity”, released in February showed, among other interesting findings, that the demand of cyber strategy information made from Boards of Directors was met by security officers only in one out of four times. A communication rate difficult to understand, given the growing number of threats waylaying ICS’s. No wonder that has attracted many researchers to this field, in recent years!

Anyway, if the number of real cyber cases populating archives does not fit your needs to teach your directors what threats their organizations face, you can have a new opportunity to show your pedagogic skills in “Industry 4.0”; because, at the end, it is not difficult to do things well (even in the industrial cyber security terrain, where positive attitudes are key).

Last but not least, if, by any mean, all these previous suggestions fail, try it with a good battery of forecasts on information in-security for the coming year, like the ones, our good friend, Prof. Jeimy Cano, brings to us today.

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