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lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Doubts, expectations & recipes

No doubt, it may seem hard to wonder at this point  -well entered into the third millennium, as we are-;  but it is not less true that happenings invite to wonder it more and more: is it time to surrender? Is it time to leave “digital”? Actually, is it worth for organizations to keep suffering the cyber misfortunes that some of them are suffering, as a consequence of willing to keep playing in today’s connected world? We want to think yes; we want to think that even under such circumstances it is worth. In fact, it seems that there is no alternative, yet, if one wants to keep being innovator, competitive, etc. But, at the same time, it is not strange that more than one  -being a tech-believer, or not- be wondering to do it [to leave it]. (Just remember the program “Clean Slate” that we mentioned a few months ago, in the issue number 88 of our “Newsletter”. A program by DARPA aimed to “re-found” Computing as we know it today, to make it safer).

The truth is that before such an overall panorama, with news constantly referring to cyber incidents, announces like the ones Fundación Borredá is bringing today comfort. The first conclusions of its recent study  -not released yet-  on cyber security in Spain’s companies seem optimistic. Goodness!

Anyway, be cautious. Complacency usually is not a good advisor; so have your homework done and follow the recommendation Korn Ferry is doing to the electricity sector: provide you with talent  -in a moment of lack of it-  both, in security and technology, in business acumen and communication skills. Provide yourself and all who have something to say on cyber security within your organization (start with directors)! Get them ready for any eventuality they might have to face! Moreover with the sales prices that those tools able to take advantage of your industrial control systems’ vulnerabilities have in the black market.

Ah, and as a part of your preparedness, do not forget to comply with legal requirements in matter of [cyber] prevention and protection! Fernando Sevillano gives us a series of recipes to get it done.

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