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lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2015

Outdated approaches and points of contact

The optimism that follows the joint study by NYSE Governance Services and Veracode, which we are referring to today, seems just that: very optimistic. There is no doubt that “cyber-related corporate liability should be top of mind” for directors and officers; but reality, as usual, keeps questioning such statement.

One example (the usual one, in fact) will suffice to prove it! I mean the agenda proposed by the Spanish Institute of Directors (IC-A, Instituto de Consejeros-Administradores) for the 2016 edition of its program “Good Governance of Listed Companies”. One more year, and they are more than ten, “digital” and, naturally, “cyber”, do not still seem to deserve being considered key points into IC-A’s training program targeted to directors. Maybe it is just  -let me be ironic-  that IC-A has decided to align with the voices that advocate for the end of abusing in the use of the word “cyber”.

The truth is that doing it [including “cyber” into its academic program] would put IC-A closer to what current business  -and geo-political; think of Crimea-  situation seems to recommend. Meanwhile, we will keep convinced that, today, Governments’ awareness on the topic  -they are to help-  widely overtakes that of the businesses, as it was stated last Monday, November, 23rd, during the 12th edition of CCI’s “The Voice of the Industry” held in Bogota (Colombia) for our pleasure and that of our friends and members of the “Ecosystem” in those latitudes.

We keep equally convinced that having “cyber-savvy” directors  -at least one-  within the Board seems to be the best measure, so far, to remedy the lack of awareness (not only the lack of knowledge) regarding cyber issues, among those leading organizations. We were witnesses of that during our recent visit to the “Country of Birds”. And, finally, we were also witnesses of an interesting discussion between Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) professionals within the energy sector, which converged in pointing out the relevance of taking into account cyber risk mitigation measures since the very beginning of any industrial automation investment’s life-cycle, as the ones their company is facing now. We could not agree more!

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