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lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2015

Pressure, headhunting and weaknesses in new and old paradigms

Spain has been supporting a legislative and regulatory pressure much more weighted than that of the average country within the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, as this latter already stated ten years ago on its report “Product Market Regulation in OECD Countries 1998-2003”, released on April, 1st, 2005. Nonetheless, such huge amount of different norms and regulations, that made Spain to be worth the alias of “country of one hundred thousand rules”, does not seem to be so intense when it comes to the particular Industrial Cybersecurity arena. In order to analyze such scenario CCI planned a few months ago to face the study which results have just been released, “Spain’s Industrial Cybersecurity Regulatory Map. 2015 edition”.

Anyway, to take a look at CCI’s last report does not impede us to give the usual attention to the topics that we deal with every week. Firstly, a reference  -today, pretty clear-  to Boards of Directors, as the one Spencer Stuart, the headhunting firm, brings to us with its article “Cybersecurity: The Board’s Role”.

Secondly, some musings by INCIBE  -the Spanish Institute is being really fruitful this weeks with regard the number of articles it is posting on its blog-  on one of the paradigms supporting the so called “Industrie 4.0”: i.e., cloud computing and its benefits for implementing Industrial Control Systems.

And, finally, a couple of references regarding vulnerabilities of, and threats on, those same ICS. (Some of them one-decada-old, but in full force).

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