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lunes, 16 de noviembre de 2015

Stumble twice on the same stone, cyber-dependency, best practices and mourning

Should you think there is no reference at all to Boards of Directors in today’s issue, you could not be more wrong …

… on December, 24th, 2004, the Air Transportation sector saw the case of Comair, Inc., a US domestic airline based in Cincinnati, OH. That day Comair almost collapsed after having to land more than 3,900 flights in what seems a weather conditions issue, provoked by a series of intensive snow-storms during the previous days. Nonetheless, what actually was under Comair’s shock was a computer glitch. An information system, supported on an obsolete computer platform  -it has been operating since the late 80’s-  overflowed, blinding the company with respect to the situation of its crews. (The system had been born as a compliance solution to meet FAA’s safety instructions regarding crews’ shifts control).

The consequence, among others, was that it impacted on the Board of Directors; and, therefore, Mr. Randy Rademacher, then Comair's President & CEO, would resign just a few weeks later, on January, 18th, 2005.

Same old song ...! The computer glitch that has affected Paris-Orly airport, on November, 7th, 2015 has not have the same consequences, so far; but it should serve as a wakeup call to those accountable for the operations at the French airports.

Other countries, as the US, try to put their best (including a myriad of resources) on the protection of their essential sectors and national critical infrastructures; but, unfortunately, facts shows us that they are not always unbreakable.

Finally, think of some solutions to strengthen your cyber protection. Adopting best practice frameworks  -like ISO27001-  could not be the panacea; but we could guess that they help. Because of that, CCI faced the task of proposing a specific framework for the industrial playfield (the Industrial Cybersecurity Management System framework, ICMS)!

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PS: Today we have given our logo space to a black ribbon, remembering our French friends. Our condolences!

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