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lunes, 18 de enero de 2016

Certainty, hits & perspectives

There is nothing truer than to admit that responsibility for the protection of an organization’s assets belongs to all its stakeholders. Different governmental campaigns talk about “a shared responsibility”. Though, it is not less true to say that such accountability starts with those at the front of the organization (an idea insistently repeated from this column). The problem is that to reach this conviction, this assumption, is a cultural issue that little, if any, has to do with technology itself, as Prof. J. Cano, remember us today. He poses that a traditional discourse on the matter is the one based on fear, uncertainty and doubts. Maybe it is not the best discourse, but let me say that it has resulted efficient: it has helped to change minds!

Without aiming it [to frighten you] data offered by different informed sources  -today, we are bringing to you the ones from ICS-CERT and NTI-  contribute in a very understandable way to clarify the cyber threats that industrial organizations are currently facing.

In other sectors, like medical equipment, perspectives are no better. One year ago, not few forecasts announced the main role that healthcare was going to play during 2015 regarding cyberattacks. Fortunately, maybe it has not been the case; but the threat remains.

Even at domestic level, a realm apparently far from industry, field is being rapidly seed to suffer any kind of cyber problems: the first incidents are having to do with mere glitches; the following, perhaps, will take advantage of such weaknesses and lack of quality, to become cyberattacks that could leave us all frozen.

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