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lunes, 11 de enero de 2016

Visits, unions & assessments

Year out, year in, but challenges remain the same. In an era of shareholder cult  -no doubt, the most relevant customer for a public company-,  many directors will be visited in 2016  -some of them, the most unfortunate ones, re-visited-  by all sort of cyber incidents affecting their customers; and, therefore, their (and their businesses’) reputations. Apart from other consequences.

As digitization expands, more and more businesses (and whole sectors) become, let’s say, ‘cyber weaker’. One of such sectors, transportation, could be a relevant victim of cyberattacks this year. Bored of pursuing classical industries  -classicism given by their recurrent position as targets in recent times-  hackers could be turning their view to almost [cyber] virgin territories.

Current modernization of railway infrastructures makes a wide variety of information and control systems being part of such an appeal realm. Here in Madrid (Spain), we know well what having the city paralyzed means, after the whole subway network was halted on June, 29th-30th, 2010. It was just five and a half years ago when there’s nobody, apart from local unions, watching to the subway as a protest tool. Think now, what could be done in a cybersabotage scenario with these same trains and passengers.

Fortunately, 2016 brings good news, too. A nation-wide industrial labs network (RNLI) has been recently launched in Spain (maybe to prevent events like the ones suggested before) and, in Germany, DAkkS, the national accreditation body is going to start accrediting local certification bodies interested in performing ISASecure conformity assessments.

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