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lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016

Appointments, percentages & old challenges

Certainly, from a socio-political viewpoint, President Obama will be remembered by a myriad of things  -good and bad, depending on the one who judges them-.  In the technology domain, two are the milestones that define  -or are going to define-  the start and the end of his double term. On March, 5th, 2009, just six weeks after becoming President of the United States of America, he named who was going to become the first ever Federal CIO of the North American country. The nominated one would be Vivek Kundra. Now, in 2016, the Obama Administration has given itself three months to designate who will be, formally, its first ever Federal CISO.

Maybe they are not other thing that mere political gestures  -in fact, there were other people in charge of such topics, despite their business cards did not say explicitly “Federal CIO” nor “Federal CISO”-;  but, like every presidential gesture, they could serve as an incentive for other administrations and companies. (On September, 27th, 2013, Spain named its first ever CIO, Domingo-Javier Molina-Moscoso).

Beyond gestures, last Barack Obama’s movement in the technology realm, seems to re-affirm the believing that, today, cybersecurity is already a corporate leadership priority, despite it, as MIT’s Prof. Peter D. Weill says, is not, so far, more than “an excessively defensive perspective”. And  -let me add-  an additional proof of the greater concern about “cyber” that one can see within the Public Sector [in comparison with that of the corporate one]. (Quoting ENISA, one out of four countries has, or is in the way of having, a cybersecurity strategy. I would not advance the same figure in the case of private companies).

As Spain is deciding to follow, again, the stream boosted by the USA and names its first ever national CISO, the European country follows advancing in the development of its critical national infrastructure protection policy with the launch of a new Plan.

Among the challenges that CNI operators will have to keep facing, even with the new Plan, cyberattack attribution, growing smart grid capacities  -and related cyber-weakness-  and IT/OT convergence stand out.

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