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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Criticisms, recipes & shortening terms

Boards of Directors, Directors and CEOs have been featured, for months  -and they will keep being-,  in this column. Almost always being criticized. We have criticized their lack of knowledge/awareness regarding “cyber”  -the last case we have known of has been that of FBI’s Mr. Comey, due to his lack of ability to give technical explanations before the Congress-.  We have criticized their decisions. Or we have posed the consequences for them and their companies from some notorious cyber-scandals. But critic always has enjoyed a constructive spirit. Because of that, we are again going back to them, today, with a brief set of management recipes (mainly Cyber Security management recipes).

Speaking recipes, few better than “don’t put all your eggs into the same basket”: a true wakeup call to diversify your supply chain and to comprehensively assess which cyber-preventive practices your providers, 3rd- or 4th-party, are following.

Of course, there are always alternate preferences. Nation-States seem to have opted by offensive prevention, instead. Let’s hope the new version of CSET does not hide any surprise!

And finally, there is still time for good news: the long time it takes to detect a cybersecurity breach is shortening.

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