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lunes, 28 de marzo de 2016

Holes, counterbalances & real estate

That "digital" is not seen yet with all the attention it deserves from individuals at the forefront of organizations is evident, if one notices the large number of headlines featuring technological fiascos.

We have not given names for a while ...

In 2012, Mark Thompson, the highest-paid public employee of the UK  -then Director General of the public broadcaster BBC-  left the station with a hole of one hundred million pounds buried in a project, DMI (Digital Media Initiative), which would catapult the veteran BBC into the digital age. His successor in office, Lord Anthony-William "Tony" Hall, canceled the project just one year later; laying-off, incidentally, the until then CTO of the company, John Linwood, who, with that decision, was appointed the solely accountable.

Everything points to that coating the digital context in which companies run today with a layer of “cyber” varnish  -i.e., approaching "digital" from a perspective that considers the consequences of misusing it-  can make more tangible the seriousness of this matter. Cross our fingers!

While this awareness occurs, problems continue to grow, threats are increasing and others manage to materialize cyberattacks that are more and more coordinated and dangerous.

As a counterweight, our good friend and member of "The CCI Ecosystem" Aarón Flecha, brings us today a number of keys to minimizing those risks. And, in the same way, we, at CCI, will be releasing this week a new practical guide which will let you implement an Industrial Cybersecurity Management System. System that in each particular organization, must involve all concerned ones, starting with top management and ending with the last interested.

We say goodbye in a European perspective, referencing the situation created in ENISA, regarding its Heraklion office. Another corporate decision that, perhaps, should have thought twice when it was made a decade ago.

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PS: Without leaving the European perspective, let our condolences go for the victims of the attacks in Brussels last Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016.

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