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lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

Predicting the future, real-life risks and other visits

Last Friday, we  -CCI-  were invited to participate in an informative session about the future of technology that a known Madrid-based, English-speaking radio station broadcasts once a month, serving more than one million listeners. During the program, in which our discourse focused on the current, and future, challenges cybersecurity poses, we had also the opportunity to highlight the need for promoting accountability [for the use of technology] among those individuals populating Boards of Directors. The host of the program, Richard Vaughan, a well-known and reputed entrepreneur who gives name to the Group which owns the station, asked, not without certain surprise, what was our perception about the current level of assumption of such liability among the Directors community. He pointed out that, in his view, he did not think these individuals, among which he stands, were very convinced, today, to assume that responsibility as their own.  Our answer, already known, was in the same direction that today’s Newsletter’s first headline suggests: “The board of directors should be always involved in the company's cyber security” as it should be assuring its continuity and feasibility and, therefore, oversighting every kind of risk that threaten such feasibility. Among them, technology risk.

Although it is not the only one. Proof of it and of that the border between kinetic and non-kinetic is blurring, today we bring to you a couple of examples of incidents on industrial [critical] infrastructures which motivation does not seem, a priori, having been bound to the use of control systems; but which consequences are not so different from those produced by systems misuse.

Finally, let me invite you to visit a security operations center (SOC) where you will see how risks like the mentioned above are monitored.

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