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lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Broadmindedness, industries and connections

Cyber” is definitely worth! (at least for the bad guys). So it seems to derive from the figures some recent cyber blows have realized. Therefore, it is not strange at all to see how traditional underworld businesses are migrating to its digital counterpart; or, simply, how some traditional crime organizations are giving it up to embrace new, much more profitable, cybercrime activity.

CEOs who are being the victims of cyber-attacks, first hand, are not the only ones to realize the growing activity in the cyberspace. CISOs are also starting to understand that their mission have just spanned through a new realm: industrial automation, a field in which the novelty of a majority of corporate cybersecurity pros  -I mean those coming from IT, not from OT-  is going to be tested in the short- to mid-term.

Some of these cyber-executives today work in the food industry, a sector no so different from those of other industrial players, like Canadian utilities, when it comes to ICS (i.e., Operational Technology) cybersecurity. Even in the nuclear sector one could find similarities with the energy and food industries taking into account the disastrous consequences a major cyber event could cause in any of these industries for the general citizenship.

Whatever the sector you are involved in, take cybersecurity seriously by putting into force protection measures. And do it thinking that, despite Internet connections are the most typical attack surfaces, there could be also other “networks” contributing to grow cyberspace. Pay due attention to the so common in the industrial arena serial connections.

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