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lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

Citizen behavior, generational shift and cultural inconsistency

I am now reading, from what appears to be a sunny Autumn morning in Santiago de Chile, a story that my good friend and colleague Manolo Palao has just sent to me. It is about the launch of a new platform called "Live a secure Internet"; a joint initiative by the independent Spanish Consumers and Users Organization (OCU) and Google, to which a series of governmental organizations have joined, too: the Spanish Agency of Consumer Affairs, Food Security and Nutrition (AECOSAN), the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) and Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE). With said support, the platform aims to become a reference point for a number of actions that will try to increase awareness among citizens about their behavior on the Internet.

Full of advice aimed at sharpening the wisdom of users on several fronts (how they connect; how they use their devices; how they safeguard their virtual accounts/passwords and other personal data; and, how and from where they shop, and do other bank transactions, online), the initiative is based on three principles: the central role Internet plays, today, in Society; the [apparently] growing concern for privacy; and inaction  -despite the above-  that users themselves appear to show when taking precautions during their Net browsing.

It would seem that every effort is going to be directed to train less stupid citizens with respect to security. Naturally, not missing a specific section aimed at children. In this regard, I must confess that some of us still remain hopeful in the new generations -our companies’ future workforce-. Others, as Manolo reminded me last Tuesday during the discussion we had about the future of digital security at ATI's “Novática” 40th Anniversary event, still feel that “it is not sufficient guarantee that people  -young people-  have great skill in the use of technology, so that the same skill translates into caution that such use requires”.

The discussion naturally is served! Meanwhile, we will continue to see a lack of consistency in the security culture of many companies. We will continue to surprise ourselves by the fact that precisely the most technologically skilled employees are not necessarily the most prudent in the use of digital. We will continue to witness cyber dangers that threaten every year our sector. And, like any other citizen, we will see how subscription rates, ubiquitous advertising and intrusive surveillance threaten the development of the Internet of Things (and  -we could think-,  by extension, the Industrial Internet of these same things).

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