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lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

Lack of information, dreams and efficiency

You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you” (attributed to Leon Trotsky) was the quote I used to start my speech at CCI’s “6th Int’l Industrial Cybersecurity Congress”, held in Santiago (Chile) last week. The quote hid a criticism of those directors and officers which usually shirk their accountability for the use [and the consequences of such use] that their organizations make of "digital".

However, my speech continued to recognize cases of other corporate leaders who do seem to have entered powerfully in the 21st century; I mean that they remain fit to continue leading some organizations that are in the process of cybernetic conversion. They are the same D&O’s who demand more cybersecurity information than they actually receive. Are you surprised? Perhaps do you always offer enough information to your bosses?

The poet Pablo Neruda  -references to Chile in this edition are inescapable-  wrote: “It is forbidden not to smile at problems, not to fight for what you want, to abandon all because of fear, not to realize your dreams”. Apply it all! Your bosses willing to know more is not a problem. In fact, was not it what you were asking for, too? Do not fear. Please them and, thus, make their dreams  -and yours-  true.

A well-informed management should get a better understanding of the perils the organization is facing, should put itself ahead of such problems and should give you the appropriate tools to try to mitigate them [with management’s help].

Make them see how vulnerable the critical infrastructures their companies operate are, today! Involve them in identifying the perils threatening sectors as energy  -‘ransomware’ could be an actually didactic example-! Help them to know how cybersecurity can enable the adoption of smart technologies that contribute to make industrial plants more efficient!

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