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lunes, 13 de junio de 2016

Raising the discussion to the next level

CCI is spending these pre-summer weeks preparing a new deliverable which is schedule to be introduced on September, 8th, during the 15th edition of “The Voice of the Industry” to be held  -for the first time-  in Barcelona (Spain). The topic selected for the new whitepaper is “Benefits of Cybersecurity for the Industrial Enterprise” and, as in previous opportunities in which CCI partnered with any third-party, this time the new document will be the result of a joint effort by the Center and iTTi, “The [Digital] Accountability Think Tank”, an strategy-focused institution that I am honored to chair and which focus is on the promotion of awareness among directors and officers regarding their accountability for how technology is used within their organizations.

The study will aim to provide a series of recommendations to helping both corporate and security leaders have the cyber risk conversation. It means that the document will give guidelines for Board of Directors (and management teams) on what questions to pose regarding cyber. But, at the same time, we want the new document to help cyber security professionals on how to give response to such kind of requests.

No doubt, asking one-self how my organization is prepared before a cyberattack could be a great starting point for the above mentioned individuals. Particularly, and this is one of the first lessons to learn, in the industrial arena, where facilities are being more and more object of desire to the bad guys, being them a foreign, [commercially] enemy state or an individual cybercriminal willing to sabotage them.

An important second lesson our document’s readers should get is that cybersecurity is no longer an issue for the geek guys; I mean it is not [ONLY] about technology anymore. Well, ok, it would be nice that you will know the perils that an untraced USB's file system could envelop; but, at the end of the day, cyber is about people and how this people make use of the digital tools their organizations provide to them.

Let’s see how usefull this CCI and iTTi joint effort results. Meanwhile, keep exploring  -this is a good topic for corporate leaders, too; specially if they are involved in digital transformation-  what CCI coined 'smart OT' and if it is still room for the development of these new savvy-technologies in the consumer space and, given our particular professional interest, in the Industrial arena. Some critics are starting to say “No!”.

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