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lunes, 4 de julio de 2016

Healthcare and other celebrities

Today we are bringing to you a true classic newsletter, one plenty of usual discussion topics in the cyber security arena …

I do not know whether there are just five ways to address cybercrime in the boardroom or, perhaps, more; but, as you sure know, Board’s role in cybersecurity is one of our favorite topics. Furthermore, on September 8th, we will be bringing to you the best ways  -being them less than five, five or more than this figure-  to hold the cybersecurity conversation with your Board of Directors and Executive Management.

The human factor, and more specifically the [human] insider threat is another key issue when you talk cybersecurity (both to your BoD or to any other third-party). Despite being one of the most usual attack vectors  -accidentally or intentionally-,  organizations still keep scaring the outer menace more than the inner one.

Hospitals and obsolescence are two other classics. [Of course, I am meaning with respect to cyber, not to public policies and budgets]. Today, we are providing both jointly. 2015 was considered the year of healthcare in cyber (Anthem, Premera, Excellus, UCLA Health, Medical Informatics Engineering, CareFirst, Beacon Health, Advantage Dental, FastHealth Corp.’s Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital and MaineGeneral Health were examples of it). 2016 started with the case of the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center hijacked and then released after paying USD 17,000 ransom. Anyway the professional community is not aware of these problems at all. A couple of days ago I was celebrating a family event with some friends. One of the attendants was a physician, retired, former Head of Cardiology at one of Madrid’s (Spain) main hospitals. During the dinner he asked me how things were going at CCI and what “cybersecurity” really means. After my explanation which included some the above mentioned examples and other cases more linked to what we could call healthcare smart operational technologies and the consequences of compromising them for our wellbeing, he got actually surprised of the relevancy cyber has today in what had been his long-life profession.

But not only industries may become the [unfortunate] celebrity of the year; hackers seem to have their own “Of the year” kind-of-awards, too.

Finally, remember that not only healthcare, but other industries can become object of desire for the bad guys: think of farming, its digital transformation and the effect of compromising crops on economy (or, why not, again, on human health).

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