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lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Small fishes? Yes, thank you!

Cyberspace, that kind of huge, blue ocean prepared to be explored and exploited, both by the good and the bad guys, has everything but small fishes.

In fact, those [the fishes] are born thanks to the good guys: entrepreneurs willing to establish themselves (and their apparently small “creations”) into the cyber ecosystem.

On the opposite side, the bad guys hope to exploit the cyber sea otherwise, by exhausting the marine (I mean, digital) resources and by making the business of hacking small businesses a big one.

But once it is clear the small fishes are not, big ones should (and they are trying to) enter the big blue, too. They are becoming digital, what makes them more appealing for cybercriminals. Even some of them [big fishes] are becoming digitally lean, what makes the task of fish gutting even easier.

With so many fishes in the cyber sea, nobody should get surprised by figures that show cybercrime is doubling.

Corollary: Being you a fish, either small or big, protect your IACSs from “phishers” (and other fishers) with a little bit of cybersecurity. Let ISA and IEC (not to mention CCI) guide you in the journey.

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