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lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2016

Corporate estimations and personal values

In an interview I gave last Spring to an international TV station, the interviewer  -whom I had the opportunity to talk to about the past, present and future of cybersecurity-,  asked me how much money there was behind the cybercrime curtain. “$2 trillion by 2019” was my answer, quoting a [then] recent report by Juniper Research. Few months have gone since, but currently such number has been notably surpassed: Cybersecurity Ventures reports today that the total cost of worldwide cybercrime will amount up to three times that figure, by 2021.

It seems a good argument to make people understand the relevance of cyber. Meanwhile, facts keep showing us that it is not the only risk, but one which few industrial shops are able to escape from.

Iranians know them well! I have said “… them …”; well, I mean they know well both: 1) the cost of cyber issues (I am convinced they have their own numbers  -for sure, a positive Stuxnet effect-;  and 2) that nobody is safe. Proof of it, they have implemented a periodic cyber-inspection routine that has led them to the discovery of a couple of infected plants (again).

But countrywide concerns are not the only cyber-root causes industrial players should be aware of. Insider threat, a majority of the times, due to, unhappy and lonely employees (respectfully, former employees) or ambitious ones, is the biggest threat. That’s the why every professional’s ethics are also key! Therefore, given the Industrial Internet of Things era we are entering, recall not only to cultivate your technical skills and competencies, but your personal, inner, values.

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PS: Let me share with you, today, a personal  -maybe stupid-  milestone. With today’s issue I am finally surpassing those eighty-five newsletters my predecessor, CCI co-founder and, despite it all, good friend, Ignacio Paredes, released between June, 3rd, 2013, and January, 12th, 2015. Thank you, Nacho, for fitting such a firm basement. Warmest regards!

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