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lunes, 26 de septiembre de 2016

Countries, absences and opportunities

We were advertising it for months (from this "Newsletter"). Finally, a few days ago we had the opportunity to attend the “1st European Cyber Security for Transport Sector Conference” held in Berlin (Germany) and organized by our friends of Prospero Events Group.

Several transportation subsectors were represented: road (including automakers) and railroad, maritime and aviation (mainly airports).

Also a good number of countries were present. Counting the speakers alone, there were delegates from the UK and France, which in fact co-chaired both conference’s sessions (day 1 and day 2); Germany and The Netherlands with four participants each; and Belgium represented by three talks/speakers. But where was Spain? The fact is that, not taking into account CCI’s participation, it was represented by one speaker (one from a transport operator) along with Sweden and Greece.

Moreover, where were Spain’s big transportation players in subsectors like the ones mentioned above: railroad, air traffic, etc.?

One of the key messages of the conference was the need for sharing information and experiences among sectors and subsectors. Everyone at the conference agreed with the idea that if you don’t share your information someone else will share it for you. Therefore, let’s start to take advantage of forums like the one Prospero provided. You all have a new opportunity at CCI’s “7th International Industrial Cybersecurity Congress” next week.

Meanwhile, know how other countries (and other companies from such countries) keep promoting their own cyber preparedness. Take a look at our news from France and Iran! Meet the last trends in ICS (i.e., PLCs and communication protocols) cybersecurity research. And keep diving in the transformation smart OT are bringing to the automation landscape.

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