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lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2016

Figures, time and competitiveness

Getting back to the figures from Cybersecurity Ventures we managed earlier this month, one could conclude that every impact-dollar would require 17 investment-cents; i. e., for the overall cyber impact of $6 Trillion, $1 Trillion cyber investment would be needed by 2021.

A recent report by IDC Research -the Framingham, MA (USA)-based market analysis firm-  predicts a global digital technology spending of some $2.7 trillion, for the same period. (Spending led by three sectors  -financial services, manufacturing and healthcare-,  all of them top players in the cyber game).

Should those figures were true, it would mean that, proportionally, an extraordinary 37%  -i.e., more than 1 in 3 dollars-  of the technology budget would be dedicated to security. Does this fit your numbers, too?

Anyway, it is difficult to advance how much of such investing endeavor will go to preventing measures and how much to corrective ones. The truth is that the earlier you consider security, the cheaper it will be. And, moreover, the earlier you invest, the deeper the results, too. So, let’s hope that a relevant amount of the figures above will be spent in the early stages of the cyber life-cycle; i.e., in minimizing software weakness (improving software quality), in increasing people’s awareness (strengthening passwords and counter-measuring phishing), and the like. For sure, your results will measure much better!

Last but not least, not all should be fear in the digital age. Benefits will necessarily surpass perils in the cyber landscape. Smart manufacturing comes unstoppable to optimize competitiveness.

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