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lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2016

Premieres, elections and stumble twice on the same stone

On September, 8th, a series of news took place around us (I mean news of our interest). Some of them were actually banal, I confess, but there was room for some historic milestones, too.

That day, for the first time, CCI was present in Barcelona (Spain) to hold the 15th edition of its regular conference “The Voice of the Industry”. Interesting speakers and attendants, who had the opportunity to talk, hear and discuss jointly under the motto “Benefits of cybersecurity for the industrial enterprise” (name given to the whole session).

That day, Hotel H10 Casanova used for the first time the room hosting our event, after remodeling both materials and design (which made our staying much more comfortable, in deed).

And that day, once our session was closed, given the different time zone, the Obama Administration, via a blog co-authored and posted by its federal CIO, Tony Scott, disclosed the name of the largely announced first federal CISO: US Air Force Brigadier General (retired) Gregory J. Touhill, who will report to Scott from now on and who will drive cybersecurity across the US Government.

Preparing the federal agencies against a black swan cyberattack, taking care of US Government critical information infrastructures’ vulnerabilities and protecting the promise of the IoT in a smart connected administration will be part of Mr. Touhill’s agenda.

Nonetheless, this appointment could come with an inherent problem: tenure. How long will Mr. Touhill’s mandate last, in view of the upcoming US presidential elections in November? Maybe, because of this, Touhill’s political appointment has come hand-by-hand with the appointment of Grant Schneider as his deputy, in a more non-political/non-temporal role, some analysts have said.

We can’t say goodbye today without underlying a last important event we have been aware of in recent dates. History tends to repeat itself. The city of San Bruno, CA (USA), has been witness of a series of events like the ones lived in Bellingham, WA (USA) a decade ago. A pipeline owned and operated by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) exploded  -like in the Olympics Pipeline Co. case- in 2010. Now a federal jury’s conclusions have just been known.

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