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lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

Booz, Allen, Hamilton and other illustrious names

The fact that the same company has had two of its employees stealing US Government’s classified information in a three-year period does not mean other thing that it is a company very well connected with, and probably deeply involved in, such Government’s programs and/or operations. I mean that all this does prove nothing, but that data theft arises just where it is able to. Because of this, it is not strange that the name of consultancy firm Booz Allen Hamilton, a defense and intelligence contractor, has been twice in the headlines  -for this kind of issues-,  since the 2013 case of Edward Snowden.

In fact, just twenty days before Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” world premiere, scheduled for September, 15th, a couple dozens of FBI agents stormed a house at Glen Burnie, Maryland (USA), where they found thousands of documents  -both, hardcopy and digital-  marked someway with the NSA seal.  It was Harold T. Martin III’s home, a former agency’s contractor with BAH!

It is not clear what Mr. Martin’s intentions were with respect to the stolen documents: just to hoard them?; or maybe to pass them all to anybody else?; etc. The only certain things are that Mr. Martin, apart from being in the headlines, has been fired from BAH; and that this latter, along with the US Government itself, have fallen in a very bad reputational situation: How, after Snowden, have things kept the same (i.e., insecure) both at the cybersecurity consultancy and at its cyber over-budgeted client?


Use this example and other principles to explain your Board how dangerous any insider threat could become. And, of course, do not forget to tell them how vulnerable their IACS still are, how technology (Bluetooth) as well as social (Facebook or the like) threats could impact their organization.

And, last but not least, understand (and make them understand) that implications, as well as benefits and risks of smart manufacturing go far beyond deploying new, or improving existing, technical solutions.

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