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lunes, 24 de octubre de 2016

From the Internet OF Things (IoT) towards Things OFF Internet (ToI)

Never before, IoT  -IIoT, given our interests-  had deserved a sort of monograph within this newsletter. Last Friday’s events seem to support such statement. The attack over Dyn, Inc. and its effect on the Internet infrastructure laying on the US East Coast (and other areas of the country) demonstrated several things ...

Firstly, something that we have been defending from this and other tribunes for some time: “Technification”  -at least, a bad solved one-  does no other thing than weakening you.
Secondly,  “IoT is a complete disaster!”. I am quoting Silent Circle’s Phil Zimmermann whom we have the pleasure to hear during his speech at INCIBE’s “10th ENISE” held in Leon (Spain) last week.

And in third place, the discussion held on the same ENISE’s stage between CCI’s José Valiente and Cellnex Telecom’s Pablo Oliete  -in fact a very interesting one-  was to some point premonitory. Unfortunately [or  -let’s be positive-  fortunately, should we consider learned lessons from the events] real-life has showed us that one  -IoT vendors and other enthusiasts-  should adopt, not only some pre-cautions, but a more moderated approach when it comes to weight time-to-market versus security from the earliest stages of the product life-cycle.

That aspect of building and deploying connected things should be an important part of IoT cybersecurity economics. Hackers, that are investing their best efforts in “improving” tools like Mirai are, for sure, aware of the economic benefits of doing so.


The interesting chronicle by The New York Times’s David E. Sanger and Nicole Perlroth on the Dyn case states that, apparently surprisingly, the US election system is not part of the country’s critical infrastructure “map”. This could lead us to think “No, right, but why National Monuments are?”.


But I would not want to leave you concerned for this issues. Think that beyond the transition from IoT (Internet OF Things) towards ToI (Things OFF Internet), there is sill room for making things (particularly “connected” things) right. For sure, it will bring us a myriad of benefits. So, definitely, don’t be afraid to explore all this set of new technologies.

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