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viernes, 3 de marzo de 2017

CCI offers [Re]Cognition to the fellow members of “The CCI Ecosystem” on its 4th anniversary

This Friday, 3 March 2017, the Industrial Cybersecurity Center, CCI, turns 4 years old. No doubt, we have a lot of things to celebrate, given all what we lived in this time; but it is not less what we both, the ones who drove and the ones who are currently driving the Center, have to thank. Being aware of that, let us avoid, this time, the usual triumphalist message and, instead of talking about the milestones achieved by the Center, let us talk about You.

For You, fellow member of “The CCI Ecosystem”, today we are launching a pioneer and, in our view, appealing "Program of 'Recognition' of the Commitment with Industrial Cybersecurity". The program, focused on professionals and students, aims to recognize the effort of both, those who perform their daily duties in this domain and those who are, currently, studing and getting their first experiences in a discipline like this, which, so far, has a short academic offer, despite being living a true explosion worldwide in recent years.

Futhermore, we have decided to bring our thanks beyond and complement the mentioned recognition  -should you get it, it will have been your merit-  with a gift; from now onwards the Center releases for free, indefinitively, three pieces of “Cognition”, until now priced:

  • "Protecting critical infrastructure vs. Industrial Cybersecurity".
  • "Tool for assessing Industrial Cybersecurity requirements for automation providers".
  • "State of Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain. 2013 edition".

By this way CCI releases freely the full series of papers published in 2013, year of the establishment of CCI, including the, then already free, “Roadmap of Industrial Cybersecurity in Spain 2013-2018”, that currently counts 20,000+ downloads.

[You can access this, and other, material at the "CCI Library"]

Stay close to us in our task of keeping the development of research and analysis activities, thought leadership, report publishing and information and knowledge interchanging on critical infrastructures processes and practices in Cyberspace.

This will let us keep consolidating an international ecosystem to share experiences.

Receive a grateful hug.

Board of Directors, The Industrial Cybersecurity Center

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