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lunes, 15 de mayo de 2017

I wanna cry! [#WannaCry]

I wanna cry!” [#WannaCry]

That must have been the feeling that gripped Mr. Ron Grimshaw when nurses told him they had to stop his MRI scan because of a cyber-attack.

None of them had even imagined having to give such news to Mr. Grimshaw and the rest of the patients who had come on that date - May 12th, International Nurses' Day - to receive their treatments at one of the centers of the British public health network (NHS) affected by the effects of ‘WannaCry’ ransomware. It was not the kind of 'virus' that neither they nor their patients were accustomed to.

I dare say that, even for ourselves, as professionals in the field, the situation has not been without a significant burden of novelty. The positive upside is that any challenging situation should always be taken as a learning opportunity.

I wanna cry, too!

I want to cry when I see governmental agencies identify and exploit software (and/or hardware) vulnerabilities, ‘for the benefit of us?’.

I want to cry when I see supposedly well-intentioned hacktivist groups disclose in the wild such governmental secrets, ‘for the benefit of who?’.

I want to cry when I see how such disclosed stuff has no other destination that being used by cyber criminals to generate chaos, ‘for the benefit of them!’.

I want to cry when I see how technology vendors make recommendations ‘for the benefit of everyone’ that no one follows.

I want to cry when I see how organizations leave their emergency communication plans in some of their executives’ hands  -or, even worse, social media accounts-,  ‘for the benefit of their battered egos?’.

I want to cry when I see those same organizations and their governments saying that the impact has not been so great, that it was almost all hype. I suppose 'for the benefit of a better learning of the lessons that the issue has left us'.

I want to cry when I see how 166 cyber-hit nations still trust on ‘national’ cyber strategies to face an international/borderless problem.

I want to cry when I see adult people still accepting candies  -i.e., e-mails-  from strangers, ‘for the benefit of their own curiosity?’.

This latter only proofs the effectiveness of the blue bomb  -i.e., VIAGRA®-;  I mean the effectiveness of commercial spam we have been suffering for years. Traditional spam seems to have been a sort of proof of concept for the massive ransomware attacks of today. Let’s see if these current attacks are just the training exercise of the new surprises of tomorrow.

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PS: Last year CCI released a set of recommendations to prevent, defend and react before IACS ransomware. You can download it here.

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